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Week ending 7 Aug. 2015

Ron Dahlke files this week’s summary report:

  • Continued on plumbing
  • Started electrical
  • Started masonry
  • Received and installed exterior doors
  • Started shower pan
  • Ordered interior doors
  • Ordered insulation
  • Started prep on exterior paint
  • Met tile setter on site
  • Meeting with Aaron for kitchen cabinetry
  • Met with sheetrock contractor
  • Met with trim carpenters

Next week:

  • Meet Monday with Ross Britton to go over HVAC repairs
  • Finish mechanicals
  • Rebuild stairwell
  • Call in for inspections
  • Confirm tile quantities

Steven adds a “mea culpa” — the masons started one week early. Steven delayed them mid-job with questions about casing around the front windows. Mark pointed Steven at the plans, which call for the brick to meet the windows, no side casing, no top casing. Point taken.

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