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Week ending 26 Sept. 2015

Ron Dahlke files this week’s summary:

This week:

  • Finished hanging drywall
  • Inspected and passed wall board install
  • Met with Martel about large bedroom window
  • Talked with tile setter, cabinet maker, and interior door company about schedule
  • Called Ferguson, no news about delivery of shower insert
  • Completed small repairs to electrical in kitchen
  • Checked in with Austin stone works about countertops.  Everything good.

Next week:

  • Start tape and float process
  • Meet with glass company on site Tuesday

Steven makes this observation — the walls are now up, drywall is hung, and all the systems behind the drywall are roughed-in — electrical, low voltage, plumbing, HVAC, exterior, windows, inspection after inspection. This means we are advancing toward completion and moving in. The remodeling process feels like it is steaming ahead and sliding toward done. There’s still a lot to do — flooring, cabinets, taping and floating and priming and interior painting, plumbing and electrical finish out, interior doors and door hardware, etc. But we are no longer saving this house from itself. Demo is behind us. Framing is behind us. Discovering structural issues that must be fixed is behind us. We are shifting gears …

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