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Week ending 17 July 2015

Ron Dahlke from Ranserve writes this week’s update:

This week:

  • Framed in all windows
  • Removed siding and replaced with OSB sheathing
  • Removed rock from front patio
  • Set new cement entry
  • Third pick up of habitat items
  • Plan meeting with Kyle on AC ducts for returns and supplies
  • Met plumber about first floor drain lines and new subfloor beams
  • Requested final bid for exterior doors and pocket doors
  • Split trim and interior door orders for review
  • Requested inspection by ATS Engineering for sheathing nail pattern
  • Passed City of Austin layout inspection
  • Ordered Tyveck house wrap
  • Ordered Hardi siding
  • Met with low voltage company

Next week:

  • Continue on framing
  • Set HVAC duct and supply lines for review
  • Order interior doors
  • Mock up interior door casings for review
  • Start rough plumbing
  • Receive windows Tuesday
  • Wrap house with Tyveck
  • Install windows
  • Install siding
  • Meet with roofer for roof condition/patches/pricing
  • Continue on research for front door

Going to be a busy week.

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