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Week ending 16 Oct. 2015

Ron Dahlke from Ranserve files this week’s summary report:

This week:

  • Continued on interior paint
  • Confirmed tile layout
  • Started tile install
  • Set cabinet toe kicks
  • Received interior doors and trim
  • Started sheetrock patches
  • Received locker for Jadin’s shower panels
  • Met with welder on site
  • Verified light bulbs and ordered
  • Verified switches and plug styles
  • Removed old vinyl from bathroom floor
  • Ordered quartz shelf material for master¬†bath

Above, Ron forgot to mention that more doors were delivered.

Next week:

  • Pick up shelves from Austin Stone Works
  • Continue on paint
  • Continue on tile
  • Start interior trim and doors
  • Start setting cabinets Thursday
  • Receive front door

Steven adds:

  • SouthStar Bank paid draw 4 to Ranserve
  • Steven and Jacquela are considering red glass tile for the kitchen backsplash — because back-painted glass painted red is ridiculously expensive and the vendor refuses to warranty it against breakage.
  • Michelle at Ranserve compiled the first estimated budget for the garage addition. Steven compiled 10 questions, sent them to Mark Rehberg. Steven and Mark are planning to meet to discuss the budget and run through the questions.
  • Ron asks Steven and Jacquela to select grouts and grout colors by no later than 23 October.
  • Ron and Steven opened up every box of the kitchen tile to sort through the two patterns. They stacked the linear pattern in the kitchen for use in that floor. They stacked the mottled pattern in the garage, along with a pile of “transitional” tile that includes both patterns, for use in the mudroom and pantry. Heavy tile. Dusty. Sweaty work. Steven has new respect for the muscles of tile setters. This was Ron’s idea. A very good idea. Don’t ask the tile setters to separate wheat from chaff.
  • Steven and Jacquela are meeting 17 October with Tracy at Lights Fantastic to finalize light selections for Ron to order; and with the garage door company to get that decision made.
  • Steven met with Brian Chilton, metalworker, to discuss the balusters for the stairway, a metal handrail to match, and a bracket to mount a metal mask over the fireplace.
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