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Waste management protocol

From Mark Rehberg, president of Ranserve:

In general we are going to follow the waste management/recycling program offered by TDS (Texas Disposal Systems):

  1. As advised we will put all painted materials and insulation in the 40 yard dumpster.
  2. We will make plywood bins in the driveway for recyclable:  paper/cardboard and framing lumber.
  3. The paper/cardboard/plastic will go in the City of Austin recycle container weekly.
  4. The framing lumber/metals will be sent separately to TDS for recycling.
  5. All concrete, brick, masonry products and stone can be recycled.  Therefore all these materials will be recycled as well.
  6. In addition, all cabinets, counter tops, interior doors & door knobs, light fixtures, light switches and outlets, ceiling fans, kitchen appliances are being inventoried and donated to Habitat for Humanity of Austin.
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