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The punch list is ready

Jacquela and Steven walked the house to compile the punch list for Ranserve …

As of 9 May 2016

  1. At the stairs, the first three vertical balusters, at the landing, the holes into the hickory were drilled slightly oversized, leaving a gap of nearly 1/8 inch around each baluster. It looks unfinished. I’m going to suggest building some sort of collar at the base of each metal baluster to cover the oversized holes if the wood cannot be properly closed up.
  2. The roof at Jadin’s tall window is still not modified to permit full operation of window. Ron had worked out plan with Brett. Ron was going to get this done during framing of garage, using that crew, but the crew change delayed this. Then Ron got sick. Can we get this done before the heat wave strikes Austin and I have to turn on the AC that will leak outside when the roof is cut open?
  3. I’m working in the garage, trying to put away boxes, trying to clean it up. As I moved piles of lumber today, I started to vacuum up the debris left behind when the electricians drilled the lumber for conduit in the new garage bay. And I discovered that at least five of the nuts on the bolts that hold the base plates to the foundation are loose, not properly tightened down. I do not have complete access to all the bolts, yet, because I have not worked my way through all the lumber piles. I’m going to need help moving objects away from the walls in order to check each bolt/nut.
  4. There are several more loose nuts on the bolts that are supposed to anchor the base plates of the new garage to the foundation. I can spin at least ten with my fingers, easily. In fact, there are no lock washers on anything I’ve checked.
  5. I have collected a number of items that belong to Ranserve – various tools, a code book, adhesive tubes, concrete mix, etc.
  6. While putting together Jadin’s closet, I tried to use the closet lights, which are plugged into outlets in the ceiling of each closet. There is no power to the outlets. I plugged the same lights into an extension cord which was in turn plugged into a wall outlet, and the closet lights worked just fine. I have not been able to check other closet lighting yet. Let’s please ask the electricians to check/test each closet outlet; I have not had a chance to check each closet light.
  7. Upstairs bath in hall – the hot/cold valve is reversed.
  8. Master bath – the wand shower head – the hot/cold valve is reversed. And, there is very little water pressure. And there appears to be no hot water.
  9. Mudroom bath – Hot/cold valve is reversed
  10. Pot filler – 1. It’s not level – which is driving Jacquela nuts – and 2. I wonder if it is possible to pull off the handle at the end that faces the user and reverse it. It currently points down, which means the handle end sticks into whatever pot you are filling and your hand is in the water; if it pointed up, your hand would be out of the pot and moving in air, not water.
  11. I’d like to ask for an intervention on the drain pan under the upstairs tankless. Barry has now been here twice. As of now, the blue pex line that drains the tank is cut about 12 inches below the tank and connected to a more flexible clear tube that Barry shoved into the white PVC that travels through the wall. The blue pex and clear tubing do not travel around the elbow inside the wall, so water backs up and into the pan. We need something that makes it down past the elbows in the wall. That’s number one. We  need one continuous line of tubing/pipe from the bottom of the tankless into the PVC, my opinion, instead of something that looks like a repair and is invented in the field. We are now seeing water pooling in the drain pan under the downstairs tankless unit. Smartest thing we did was to comply with city demand that we install the drain pans. But … why are they both leaking? Solve that riddle and we deal with the problem, instead of patching the symptom.
  12. Low voltage. Total of three waterbugs not yet installed at both tankless water heaters and the washing machine.
  13. Low voltage. Glass break not installed in office.
  14. Repair of sprinkler system wire and installation of repaired wire into conduit, extending wire into garage, so that I can hook up sprinkler system controller. Wire has to be buried into conduit that Ron left exposed at back wall of existing garage – and, when wire and conduit job is finished, the conduit has to be buried in concrete extension to back patio at corner where old garage meets new garage. When concrete is done, prime and paint the Hardieboard that was damaged and replaced – one board on side wall of garage facing the family room. When that is done, install the downspout that gutter guys left behind to install when shinbone connects to kneebone … <g>
  15. Window crank handles. We are missing at least one – in the master bedroom. May I request a lesson in how to properly align the handles? After opening the window, then closing the window, the handles do not properly align with and settle into the mount. Everything is off by a couple of degrees. And … there are several caps over the window locks that are scratched or worn, even on windows where we have no shades/blinds.
  16. Wifi access to HVAC control system. I paid for this. I’ve asked Austin Air for the software and other tools that might be required. No response on this item – though to give Chris and team all credit, they have responded to other questions I have asked.
  17. There is a chip in the “globe” on the frosted glass of the light under the ceiling fan in the family room. I reported this to Ron months back, when the fan was first installed. I kept tagging it with blue tape. The blue tape kept disappearing.
  18. Here’s a mystery. The exact same ceiling fan is installed in the office and in the master bedroom. The master came with a remote. The office came with a wall-mounted control. Why the difference? The remote is much easier to use …
  19. In the master bath, the grey quartz used for the shelf behind and above the vanity sinks is scratched. Is Austin Stone able to buff this out, or polish it away?
  20. Spackle and paint holes in office ceiling; also check for blue-tape around house to indicate paint touchups.
  21. Address Kitchen cabinets – several drawers do not work properly.
  22. Chips in laminate
  23. Façade pieces below oven and microwave that need to be re-glued.

21-23 require a visit by Aaron. Perhaps several. There are two drawers next to sink that do not close properly – one for garbage cans and one for utility knives. We reported this before moving in. Also, at the utility knives drawer, the four inserted metal bins – the wood does not fit into the insert correctly – the unit needs to be redone/refitted. Chris in Aaron’s office suggested they should replace the side slides with undermounts to help fix operation of these two units.

  1. There are several wall switches where the sequence of which switch works which light should be optimized. For example, there are two on/off switches in the master hall outside the closet. The switch furthest from the closet turns on/off the ceiling lights in the closet. I’m still not sure what the second switch does. But … that second switch is closer to the closet and should be the switch that operates the closet ceiling lights.
  1. I have a question about the mudroom ceiling light. The switch that operates the light is located near the garage door. Is it possible to add a second switch on the kitchen size of the mudroom? As it stands, we have to walk through the dark mudroom to turn on the light.
  1. I have a question about the two ceiling lights over the dining room table. We aligned and installed them on a north south axis. We have discovered with the table in the room that the table works best on an east west axis. What might it cost to pivot the lights and then patch and paint the ceiling?
  1. The screen at the front door window – the paint is chipped and bare metal is exposed. This problem repeats at screen to side window in loft.
  1. Putting the house numbers on the front exterior wall of house. Ron was going to have Cris do this.
  2. Pocket door to master closet – it binds and grinds if you try to close the door past the halfway point.
  3. Electrical – master bedroom. If the ceiling fan is running, and you turn it off at the swtich on the wall, the ceiling lights at the hall flash on for a split second and then go off. Jacquela believes she has seen the same behavior with the ceiling lights inside the closet. Is a wire crossed? Is there a short?
  4. Door to master suite from upstairs hallway. One of the pocket door handles is missing – on the interior side, not the hallway side.
  5. Electricians installed in several closets Ikea lights that operate on/off/motion sensor. The motion sensor does not operate. Is this a fault in the light? Or, is it a fault in the wiring?
  6. In kitchen, at sink, both sink drains are misaligned/not centered.
  7. At mudroom, there are three hinges on the door to the garage. Two are one type of hinge. One is a second type of hinge. Why the mismatch?
  8. Kitchen door to mudroom, wall next to broom closet on kitchen side is unfinished.
  9. Light switches at kitchen next to side door – reorder sequence of which switch operates which light – marked with blue tape.
  10. Pocket door from kitchen to butler’s pantry – pocket door hardware hits door jam and is scratching.
  11. Drywall above several doors, upstairs and down, is not finished. There are gaps between drywall and door trim/frame. Marked with blue tape.
  12. Acid wash of garage floor after removing tile was never done – to remove traces of glue.
  13. Finish metal baseboard under fireplace.
  14. Missing fireplace gas key – and install pipe extension inside fireplace that is lying loose.
  15. Family room, speaker wires extruding from wall – these need faceplates.
  16. Entry hall – puck lights in four niches are not fitting tightly.
  17. Loft – finish ceiling smooth around ceiling fan, clean paint off ceiling fan where it mounts to ceiling.
  18. There are temporary lights in bedrooms 3 and 4 that Ranserve installed to pass inspection. These need to be removed and returned to Ranserve. There are several boxes for these in the mudroom.
  19. Bath 3 upstairs – needs silicon around tub filler spout.
  20. Master bath and water closet – reorder which switch works light and which switch works exhaust fan. More important, both switches inside the water closet sometimes turn on one medicine cabinet, sometimes both, sometimes the other. Is this a crossed wire? The WC switches should operate ONLY fixtures in the WC, not the medicine cabinets.
  21. Paint and drywall – address all issues at blue tape as marked throughout house.
  22. There is a tall extension ladder in the back yard behind the garage that we believe belongs to the painters.
  23. Resolving the bill from Custom Plumbing to clear the main drain of the house.
  24. Finish the drywall and trim at the mudroom and back door in the garage?
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