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Steve the electrician to the rescue

Steve the electrician is back in the house, this time to solve a mystery — why does the breaker for the oven not turn off power to the oven in the kitchen when the breaker is flipped to the off position?

Steve flips breakers while Steven in the kitchen watches to see which one actually turns off the oven.

We find it quickly. The “dryer” breaker is mislabeled; it is the breaker that controls the oven.

And, oh by the way, the breaker labeled for the furnace is actually the breaker that switches off the induction cooktop.

IMG_20160630_211628Problem solved. Quality control.

With that, the Bosch oven is now, finally, powered off. Steven flips the breaker to the on position about 30 minutes later. The oven appears to have re-set, with the keypad now responding to commands and entries. Jacquela will have to test this to her satisfaction. Steven does not cancel the service call scheduled for 5 July.

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