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Shower/tub kits vs. custom

We’ve been debating custom showers/tubs vs. kits.

I did the math yesterday with Michelle, budget czar at Ranserve.

Using round numbers and bath 2, shower only, as the example:

Custom pan, including mudding$800
Labor, floor pan, estimated at $7 psf$150
Labor, tile the walls, estimated at $12 psf$983
Tile for floor, estimated at $6.50 psf$800
Tile for walls, estimated at $6.50 psf$700
Total, estimated$3,433

Requires backerboard and Redguard waterproofing, included, because this is something Ranserve has done before.

Kohler Groove pan, 60×32, left hand drain, mudding not needed$414
Kohler Choreograph wall kit, 60x32x96, corners included$734
Kohler 9-inch shower locker, aka soap/shampoo shelves$206
Estimated labor to install$700
Total, estimated$2,054

Still requires backerboard and waterproofing, included in “estimated labor to install.” Ranserve has not built a solid-surface shower kit before, which means there is a learning curve.

Today, at Emerald Hill, Ron and I rolled out a plan set on the back of his truck and talked through all the product options.

He’s opting to research construction methods and product specs with Ferguson, the supply house. And we will circle back.

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