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Punch list: Plumbing

Barry, Nick and Blake from Custom Plumbing are at Emerald Hill to tackle the plumbing punch list.

The hot and cold water at the shower heads in the mudroom, upstairs hall and master bath were reversed. This appears to now be fixed. Nick and Blake conclude that quality control did not actually test the plumbing for errors.

Water pressure to the wand shower head in the master bath, nearly non-existent, appears to be fixed.

The drains in the master sink are now centered.

The pot filler above the kitchen cooktop appears to be as close to level as Barry can make it, since the wall is not perfectly plumb; it will always appear to be slightly askew.

The drain line to the downstairs tankless water heater is adjusted to spill less water into the emergency drain pan under the unit; Nick and Blake did not have a supply of pex tubing to adjust the drain line under the upstairs tankless heater and will have to return.

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