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Notes, 4 Aug. 2015

  • Plumbing. Photo above … We have PEX! Red for hot. Blue for cold. Albert, Barry and the team from Custom Plumbing continue the plumbing rough in.
  • Interior trim. Ron Dahlke is almost finished reviewing the trim quote for the interior. Steven will review when he receives.
  • Flooring. Steven and Mark Rehberg discuss the flooring options at length. Kathleen Baker from Ranserve runs the math, reports we have saved enough, or nearly enough, on framing labor and materials, to re-allocate the savings to pay for the flooring. Mark picks up on details from the 3 August meeting of Steven and Jacquela with Dale Markel at Landers Premier Flooring. More detail to come.
  • Cedar siding at the front porch. Mark suggested this as an accent several months back. Jacquela ran with it, researched photos on Houzz, approved the concept. Yesterday, Michelle Hastings from Ranserve received estimates on the cedar siding, and material choices. Steven asks about the corresponding deduction of Hardieboard planks — it should compute to a fiscal “wash.” Ron will doublecheck.
  • Change order #4. To insulate the entire house with spray foam. The original plan was to spray the underside of the upper and lower roofs, using the foam to also seal the attic, and to use blown-in insulation in the vertical walls. Considering all the holes punched into the exterior walls, Ron suggested using spray foam on the vertical walls. This change order is $435, plus $161 in site supervision, profit and overhead charges to Ranserve — $597 total. Steven approves. It’s a “brain dead simple” decision. Foam seals the house where other insulation leaves gaps through which air leaks.
  • The garage idea. Steven continues to explore the potential third bay addition to the garage with Mark and Brett Grinkmeyer, the architect.
  • Kitchen cabinets. Ron and Steven schedule 6 August meeting with Aaron Pratt from Central Texas Custom Cabinets. It’s time to start on the heart of the house.
  • Low voltage systems — security, network, audio visual. Steven is reviewing three bids, carefully, asking questions.
  • Door bell. Ron asks Steven and Jacquela to select a doorbell — something they have put no thought to. Surprise.
  • Steven makes this observation: If you can’t multitask and switch direction in the middle of a pivot, you have no business remodeling a house.
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