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Notes, 28 Sept. 2015

NASA today reports there is water on Mars. Now we have to look for those canals. The presidents of Iran, Russia and the US spoke at the UN. World Peace was not declared. Last night, there was a total lunar eclipse. Steven took out the telescope. Jacquela marveled. Randy and his son Owen walked across the street to peer through the lens. Owen was excited, asking questions. Jadin could not be distracted from talking with her friends via Skype.

Meanwhile, today, back at Emerald Hill, Ron Dahlke from Ranserve, Brett Grinkmeyer, architect, and Steven met to consider options for the tall window at the back of Jadin’s bedroom. If we crank it open, it hits the underside of the eave and is blocked by the back side of the fascia from opening completely. We chose to make this window larger and taller to allow more daylight into Jadin’s bedroom. Now we discover the consequences. The design team coalesced around one idea — extending the roof line out about one foot and raising the eave behind the “eyebrow” to create three to four inches of additional clearance for the window when completely opened. Brett will sketch it if Ron needs plans. But Ron thinks he has this figured out and will instruct head carpenter Cris through the cutting and nailing.

The design team also tackled ideas for the door trim and baseboard, and where to put electrical outlets in the proposed garage extension.

And Federal Express delivered the first vanities.

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