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Notes, 28 July 2015

  • Barry and Albert from Custom Plumbing asked if we’re running gas to an outdoor grill? Yes. Gas to the fireplace? Yes. Gas to the cooktop? No. Gas to the dryer? No. They decide to locate a T fitting in the attic, and to cap one branch of the T, to give the next owner of Emerald Hill the ability to remodel more gas fixtures into the house.
  • Cris from Ranserve stepped into the master bath with Steven to design the wall framing and blocking needed for medicine cabinets, shelves and the vanity. It took 20 minutes to test various approaches, using scrap lumber to mock up the furniture. Then we opened up the shipping box with the medicine cabinet and, with help from Ron, quickly determined that the medicine cabinet must be surface mounted; it cannot be inset into the wall. Why? It comes with a nifty motion sensor to switch on and off the built-in LED lighting. So … we threw out the idea of framing a double wall of studs, since the medicine cabinets will “float” on the wall above the vanity.
  • Steven met with Renee from Prosource to select tile to cover the front porch, inside the front entry behind the front door, and as a floor-height hearth in front of the fireplace. Jadin helped to select a porcelain tile that looks like poured concrete with a little color running through it as if they are mineral deposits. That adds “life” to the illusion. Now Renee has to price it …
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