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Notes, 26 Oct. 2015

  • Jacquela and Steven today approved the use of “Fusion Pro Single Component Grout” for all tile after triple-checking the numbers with Ron Dahlke. This urethane grout will cost about $460 in materials — with no additional labor charge, because the labor to install grout is already budgeted as a line item. This compares with a conventional grout that must then also be sealed — the grout and separate sealer would cost less, about $200 in materials, but the additional labor to come back on a second trip to seal the grout after it cures would become a change order we estimate at about $1,500. Besides, the Fusion Pro claims to be “stain proof and color perfect,” with “unsurpassed stain resistance,” “never needs sealing,” is “easy to spread and clean,” and delivers “ultimate color consistency.”
  • Steven and Michelle began to review the third set of estimated costs to build the third garage bay. More details to come.
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