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Let’s pause the remodel for a brief, personal observation.

Today is a day packed with milestones.

Orientation day for high school. Jadin starts 9th grade in two weeks. She already has new friends — meeting classmates after she decided to try out for Girl’s Volleyball and made the freshman B team (shouldn’t that be “freshgirl” or “freshperson” or “fresh-human?” She has her classes — pre-AP. She has a school locker. This is the baby we brought home from hospital who is becoming an adult. Mom and Dad have tears in our eyes.

Emerald Hill passed the electrical rough-in inspection. It’s the first BIG inspection. Ron from Ranserve, Steve Gephart and his team from Capstone got it right, sweating the wire runs through days as hot as 105 degrees Fahrenheit, with the attic even hotter. Up to this point we have been saving this house from itself. Today, something changed. Demo is done, except for the staircase. What we do from this point forward is all about what we make of Emerald Hill, what it will become.

Some days, the universe just does everything right. Namaste.

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