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Meet the carpenters

No. Not the first album from Karen and Richard Carpenter. Gag me.

It’s a dual-milestone day at Emerald Hill. The first is … Ron and Steven are turning over the house to, drum roll, please, the carpenters — Peter and Shane Morris, father and son, originally from north of London, fresh off finishing a 13,000 sq. ft. house somewhere else in Austin.

This is going to be fun.

Above, Shane, left, Peter, middle, and Ron Dahlke from Ranserve talk through each step of the casing, trim and other details they plan to start cutting and nailing tomorrow.

Today was planning day — walk the house with Steven, ask questions about how many shelves in this closet and how many rods, square edge on the window stool or “ear” that wraps around a drywall corner, baseboard options at the master shower, where to work around electrical panels, and more.

Communicate first. Plan second. Measure twice. Cut once.

It’s time to “dress the house.”

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