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In reverse

An observation …

Days at Emerald Hill transact in reverse from days at Sea Eagle.

Before the move to Emerald Hill, Steven structured his day to yield the block of time needed to drive to Emerald Hill and back to Sea Eagle, to work with Ranserve and subcontractors on site at Emerald Hill, to walk the house, taking notes, asking questions. As the move approached, the blocks of time expanded to include the assembly of closets, the transport of boxes, trips to Lowe’s or Home Depot for some thing, or some other thing.

Now we are here, in the house. Days now circle around breaking down boxes, shifting boxes into the house from the garage to continue unpacking, tweaking the wireless router and other devices to get more work done for Technopolis and ShowStoppers, knocking on Jadin’s door to see if she’s ever going to work through the chores that Jacquela assigns.

Jacquela’s commute is now 15 minutes on a bad day; she is claiming back at least an hour.

This transformation realized today — Steven set aside time and scheduled several appointments to prep Sea Eagle for sale, traveling to Sea Eagle instead of from — to meet with candidate landscapers, a polisher of stained concrete floors, an electrician, the recycling of UPS batteries.

The Ring doorbell at Emerald Hill made it possible to answer the door from 20+ miles away at Sea Eagle and in the aisles at Lowe’s while searching for a 40-watt bulb to replace the dead light hanging over where the dining table was located. That’s a first. Steven could see Jadin answering the door to allow in the electrician and plumbers. Each time a landscaper walked past the front door, the motion detector sent video — it quickly became annoying yet remarkable and fun and powerful — a paean to technology.

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