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Change order 17

Work at Emerald Hill today was called off on account of torrential rains — something like six inches since midnight.

In the interim, Steven approved change order 17, the most expensive LED on the planet.

When the drywall went up on the ceiling in the kitchen, Steven discovered that the three 4-inch ceiling cans for lights above the island were not equidistant from each other. Details here.

The bill for this misadventure is $309.

“Add one 4-inch recessed light at kitchen island including installing recess trim supplied by others”$195
Site supervision$75
Profit & overhead$39

That recess trim supplied by others? Steven purchased the 4-inch LED at Lowe’s, on sale, two for $19.98. Let’s do the math — each LED cost less than $11, including tax.

Electrical, drywall and labor account for the balance of the $195.

In retrospect, back when Jacquela and Steven selected lighting fixtures, one of the options we considered was a linear LED three, four, five or six feet long. That would have required one electrical connection instead of four, and no need to discover just how out of whack the framing is.

We should have also hung plumb bobs to verify the distance between each recessed can before the drywall went up, verifying locations against the planned island that the three original recessed cans, now four, are supposed to illuminate.

And a FLIR thermal/imaging camera to see through the drywall to structure would have also helped.

Lesson learned. Expensively.

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