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Back to work, kinda

First Monday at Emerald Hill. Kiss the wife on her way out the door to work. Walk 10 steps to the new office, sit down, log on, hey ho it’s off to work I go.

Time out at noon to meet with Noemi and David — cleaner and painter — at Sea Eagle. Joined by Sari, the real estate agent, who is walking another painter through the house. We have to paint the office, master bedroom and bath, and Jadin’s bedroom, fix the trim at Jadin’s bath and in the kitchen, to prep the house for sale.

Sari’s painter delivers an estimate on notebook paper while standing in the kitchen. It’s half the cost of the painter we spoke with late last week.

The quotes from Noemi and David arrive by text late Monday. Both get the gigs — because we’ve seen their work at Emerald Hill. David hits Steven’s budget wish. Jacquela and Steven are bleeding cash at this point in the process.

After dinner, Jacquela and Steven go back to taking apart Boxland …

For bedtime entertainment, since Austin is setting records for heat, Steven turns on the air conditioning for the first time. Pleased to report it works.

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