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Week ending 24 July 2015

“We had a good week.” Ron Dahlke

Above, Cris, at left, and Ron from Ranserve doublecheck all the door sizes, right or left hand swings. Ron’s temporary desk is a box made of HVAC duct board.

Ron Dahlke delivers this week’s summary:

  • Passed inspection on sheathing
  • Passed plumbing rough
  • Continued on framing
  • Installed Tyveck waterproof system
  • Received and Installed windows
  • Ordered pocket doors
  • Started siding
  • Started plumbing
  • Set can lights
  • Verified all interior doors sizes
  • Started HVAC
  • Met with Aaron on site for initial measurements for kitchen cabinets
  • Met with mason on brick repair
  • Met with shower pan contractor
  • Met with roofer on roof repairs
  • Roofer replaced turn back flashing
  • Ordered and received head flashing for windows

Next week:

  • Pour cement back into holes in slab from plumbing drain excavation
  • Continue on plumbing
  • Continue researching fire-rated wall assembles in garage with Brett Grinkmeyer, architect
  • Finish framing
  • Finish siding
  • Finish HVAC
  • Start electrical
  • Meet with Wendy for wood floors
  • Meet with insulation company
  • Order interior doors
  • Order door pans
  • It would be good to select a low voltage company next week.

Additional notes from Steven:

  • With the siding going up, Ron and Mark tasked the Leons with picking out exterior paint colors.
  • Steven and Ron met with candidate contractors for low-voltage, security, network, AV wiring; Steven is reviewing quotes.
  • Steven met with Mark Rehberg from Ranserve to discuss addition of a potential third garage bay at back of existing two-bay garage — Jadin will way too soon be 16 and driving, and Steven needs a parking spot for his table saw and other power tools. Steven called Brett Grinkmeyer to request sketches. Brett will discuss parameters with Mark from Ranserve.
  • Jacquela and Jadin visited the house every day this week. Progress is dramatic. This is the week when everyone fired on 12 cylinders.
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