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Week ending 10 Jan. 2016

Ron Dahlke files this week’s summary:

This week:

  • Installed metal column in garage
  • Complete framing on garage addition
  • Complete rough electrical on garage addition
  • Passed COA inspection on electrical rough and framing
  • Resolved attic venting
  • Continued on plumbing top out
  • Picked up light fixtures
  • Started install on light fixtures
  • Delivered remaining trim
  • Started install on balusters and hand rail
  • Installed appliances

Next week:

  • Site visit structural engineer Monday
  • Start install on new electrical service to house
  • Continue on electrical install
  • Continue on plumbing install
  • Start HVAC top out
  • Finish countertop install
  • Install glass doors
  • Install front door
  • Finish interior trim
  • Start install on roof shingles
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