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Notes, 8 Oct. 2015

  • Ron and Steven met yesterday with Ed King from Binswanger Glass to talk about glass doors for showers and “water closets,” aka toilets behind doors. Earlier in the week, Ron met separately with Anchor Ventana. Today, Jacquela and Steven received the first estimates on what it might cost to buy and install the doors. It’s twice the amount budgeted. Why? First part of the answer — when Ranserve compiled the working budget it did not properly account for all the glass doors, even though they are detailed in the architectural plans. Second part of answer — Steven did not pay enough attention to this line item and all the glass doors when reviewing the plans. Now we have to decide which doors to eliminate, as one approach; or which glass doors to replace with wood doors and frames; or which glass doors to keep. With any of the three approaches, there will be a change order coming. Yich.
  • Lowe’s is selling a two-pack of 4-inch LEDs for ceiling cans for $20. That is HALF the non-sale price. Steven checked with the electricians to make absolutely certain these LEDs are correct. They are. Off he went to Lowe’s, coming back with 11 two-packs — a total of 22 LEDs. One more than actually needed. But half the cost of missing the sale price. The LEDs are 2700K, what the industry identifies as “warm white,” which Steven sees as conventional yellow-cast light with his aging eyes. But these will work well when installed in the hallways. We will reserve 3500K or 4000K “cool white” or “bright white” 6-inch LEDs for use in the rooms that we spend time in, instead of halls we walk through. Lowe’s also has two-packs of 6-inch LEDs, also for $20, a killer price savings, but these are also 2700K, too yellow. Lowe’s does not at this point carry cool white LEDs at anything less than $40 each, sometimes more, a lot more. Every dollar counts.
  • The painters continue priming the walls in the house and almost all the ceilings are now painted with one coat of the final “pure white” from Sherwin Williams. The interior of the house glows — bright, clean. The spaces feel so much bigger than when we bought the house, when most rooms and hallways were painted a shade of yellow. Paint is magic.
  • Brett Grinkmeyer, Jacquela and Steven signed off on draw #4. Kathleen at Ranserve will submit it to the bank for payment.
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