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Notes, 21 Sept. 2015

  • The vanities are shipping from
  • Capstone Electric reports it has a source to get 6-inch and 4-inch LEDs for the recessed ceiling cans at a savings of 40+ percent over previous bids.
  • SouthStar Bank reports it has approved the evidence of insurance it needed from Ranserve and will not need to impose a $6,000 insurance policy on the Leons. Steven asks for this decision in writing.
  • Ron Dahlke reports we may be ready to inspect the drywall screw patterns by mid-week, then proceed to taping and floating.
  • Steven and Ron opt for the 3.5-inch-by-10-inch rectangular exhaust vent for the kitchen hood after Ron calculates airflow restrictions, if any, using trigonometry and calculus help from Matt at Ranserve.
  • Aaron at Central Texas Custom Cabinets is funded by draw #3 and construction of the kitchen cabinets is underway.
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