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Notes, 18 July 2015

  • Draw 1. Larry Weisinger at South Star Bank reports the wire transfer payment by the Leons to Ranserve is submitted and funded.
  • Steven and Ron met 17 July, second meeting of the week as the pace of reconstruction and reconfiguration accelerates. They talked, walked and worked through window, framing, HVAC, interior door, exterior door, trim, subfloor, concrete, plumbing, Habitat, recycling, siding, structure, structured wiring, security systems, network cabling.
  • First guest. Steven’s friend Brenda visited Emerald Hill. “Oh my god,” she said. “You weren’t kidding. I don’t have your vision.”
  • Observation by Steven: It’s like getting whacked with a 2×4 every time I visit the house. How small this job is. How enormous this job is. How much detail Ron, Cris and crew work through every minute. The commitment to keeping up and planning forward. I walked up Friday after two days away, saw the framing for the master bedroom windows from the outside for the first time — and completely missed the stone removed from the front porch, the brick removed at the front door, the OSB sheathing nailed to the front exterior. I was so distracted by and focused on that one dramatic advance that it became hard to absorb all of everything else. I had to walk through the house, and around the house, slowly, letting each step reveal a new discovery, unbox a new surprise. Emerald Hill is evolving quickly. Wow.
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