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It’s a beautiful day to pour concrete

Gilsa Construction today poured the concrete slab of the new garage bay – and the pad step in front of the front porch.

Here’s today’s photo essay.

DSC_7349At noon, the form for the pad step at the front porch.

DSC_7346At noon, Gilsa polishes off the forms for the garage foundation.

DSC_7366At 12:30 pm, the first of two cement mixers backs into position behind the diesel-powered pumper made by PutzMeister. Steven wonders if this is an unfortunate naming – the “master” of stupid, inept people?

DSC_7371Laying out the hoses and clamps.

DSC_7379First pour at the back corner of the garage foundation.

DSC_7381Mauricio from Gilsa visited to show Steven a sample of the black rock that will be used to landscape the deck off the kitchen and behind the garage.

DSC_7383Swinging around to the side of the garage closest to the back door off the kitchen, pumping concrete into the footing.

DSC_7385Vibrating air pockets out of the concrete.

DSC_7389At 2 pm.

DSC_7391Feeding concrete into the hopper at the back of the pumper, from the mixer.

DSC_7393At 315 pm – the first mixer is drained and has driven off. Most of the footings are in, with the exception of a section along the existing garage wall.

DSC_7398Beginning to smooth the concrete down to floor height.

DSC_7402Mixer #2 backs into position.

DSC_7405At 345 pm. This is hard work. And a ballet.

DSC_7409The slab, smoothed after the first pass with the aluminum float.

DSC_7413Part of the Gilsa team splits off to pour concrete at the front pad of the house, by wheelbarrow, by hand.

DSC_7418Shoveling the concrete into the corners.

DSC_7421Leveling the concrete.

DSC_7430The garage slab after the second pass with the aluminum float.

DSC_7432The aluminum float in action.

DSC_7438Working the last of the pour at the front of the garage.

DSC_7444Troweling smooth the corner.

DSC_7446Water rises to the top of the concrete as it starts to cure.

DSC_7447What the back of the new slab looks like from above, shot from what will be the train room on the second floor of the house.

At 430, it’s time for Steven to take Jadin home from school. Mauricio from Gilsa is on his way with worklights for the team to continue working the concrete into the night.

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