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Day 7

Even Jadin helped today. Reluctantly. But …

Steven scraped dirt, mud and debris off the driveway, now that the dirt pile is gone. There was a large collection of nails and screws to pick up and throw away — predictably.

Inside, Jacquela cut plastic liners for drawers.

Team Leon — with herself rousted from Jadinland — started to cull boxes in the garage — holiday ornaments, tax archives, equipment boxes that must be saved, old computers that will be retired and wiped and donated when we have that chance, other stuff. Jacquela and Jadin formed a box brigade, passing cartons to Steven on the ladder, and he hoisted them up to the attic over the new garage bay. Just what the storage loft was designed for.

Jacquela migrated back inside to continue cutting liners for drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Jadin returned to talking online with her friends.

After lunch, Jacquela and Steven drove to Sea Eagle — taking out the garbage bag stuffed by the cleaning crew, emptying almost final items from the garage, taking still more donations to Goodwill.

Back at Emerald Hill, Steven pulled out his chop saw and cut ledger boards for the master closet — and painted them using leftover house paint. After dinner, with help from Jacquela, with his pneumatic nailer, Steven and Jacquela pinned the wood to the master closet walls, made the piperail level and plumb, and screwed the tall hanger rail into place along the back wall of the closet.

Which means … Steven can now assemble the two remaining Ikea storage towers and bring the hanging and drawer storage completely online.

We’re making progress.

It’s going to take a while to move in.

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