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Civic resurrectus

First Texas Honda completed the heart transplant; Jacquela’s Civic has an entirely new engine.

Civic Interruptis 3

Civic Interruptis 2

Civic Interruptis

It’s just about one month since the timing belt broke, sending shrapnel into the engine block, bending the valves, destroying the motor.

Jay Jenk at First Texas documented the¬†service history of the car — every regular service and oil change performed on time, recorded by the service department at Howdy Honda, where we bought the car, where Jacquela takes the Civic for service — until the timing belt blew out three blocks from First Texas Honda. Photos and recommendations went to Honda regional and corporate. Jay kept Steven informed throughout.

Honda elected to contribute 50 percent of the parts and labor — and a 12-month warranty on the new engine.

Today, Jacquela gave Steven permission to drive the Civic home from First Texas.

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