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Civic interruptis 3

Right side up, no longer flying in distress.

Jay Jank, service advisor at First Texas Honda, delivers the decision: Honda will pay 50 percent of the cost to either 1. rebuild the motor from Jacquela’s Civic, or 2. install an entirely new engine with zero miles on it.


The Leons are asked to pay $700 more for option 2 — approximately $2,000 for the rebuild, or $2,700 for boxes packed with bright, shiny, oily, new parts, to be assembled by a service tech, then tested, with documentation and a warranty.


This, kids, is a no brainer.

Jacquela’s Civic is getting a heart transplant — the new engine.

This will take about a week. Jacquela gets to continue driving the loaner.

Thank you, Jay. Thank you, First Texas Honda. Thank you, Honda.

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