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Change order 16

To make this remodeling adventure that much more scary, for Halloween, Jacquela and Steven today approved change order 16 — the addition of a third garage bay to Emerald Hill.

Plans here. Already approved by city.

We have been working with Ranserve to refine the project and rein in costs.

Here’s what we approved:

Builder’s risk insurance$85
Site supervision / general labor$3250No overhead and profit charged to this item
Demo / Prep$1500Includes dumpsters
Brick masonry$500Repairs at tie-in
Framing labor / materials$9720No interior wall
New roof and roof repairs$4298
Garage door$1500Allowance
Drywall and texture$0Allowance, but eliminated from project
Flooring — concrete epoxy$0Excluded
Exterior painting only, no interior painting$1770
Electrical$2475Includes exterior hook up to power pole
Lighting fixtures$500Allowance
Overhead & profit$6910

You can order shed and garage kits online for about the same cost, plus construction labor and permits; or prefabricated metal buildings for a lot less money yet would also require more labor to tie together the two structures — and still need permits.

This gets the job done, adds tons of storage to the house, adds protected parking, adds workshop space for the power tools — and ties all the structures together, correctly.

Ranserve reports we will break ground the week of 2 November.

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